The Wild One

“This kinetic, breathless masterpiece illustrates why Petrie is here to stay.” Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

War veteran Peter Ash tracks a murderer and his criminal family through the most forbidding and stark landscape he has ever encountered, in the 5th thriller from the bestselling author of The Drifter.

Losing ground in his fight against post-traumatic claustrophobia, war veteran Peter Ash has no intention of getting on an airplane–until a grieving woman asks Peter to find her eight-year-old grandson. The woman’s daughter has been murdered. Erik, the dead daughter’s husband, is the sole suspect, and he has taken his young son and fled to Iceland for the protection of Erik’s lawless family.

Finding the boy becomes more complicated when Peter is met at the airport by a man from the United States Embassy. For reasons both unknown and unofficial, it seems that Peter’s own government doesn’t want him in Iceland. The police give Peter two days of sightseeing in Reykjavik before he must report back for the first available seat home. . . and when they realize Peter isn’t going home until he accomplishes his mission, they start hunting him, too.

From the northernmost European capital to a rustbound fishing vessel to a remote farm a stone’s throw from the arctic, Peter must confront his growing PTSD and the most powerful Icelandic snowstorm in a generation to find a killer, save an eight-year-old boy, and keep himself out of an Icelandic prison–or a cold Icelandic grave.

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“If you’re not already on the Peter Ash train, jump aboard now. The Wild One is a beautifully written novel, rich with deep, complex characters, full-throttle action, and a superbly realized setting. Nick Petrie is doing headliner work, folks.” – Robert Crais, #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Dangerous Man

“Nick Petrie’s exceptional writing has earned him comparisons to many of the thriller-genre’s greats, but The Wild One announces that period has come to an end.  Petrie is setting the bar, not reaching it.” – Michael Koryta, New York Times bestselling author of Those Who Wish Me Dead

“Readers of earlier Ash novels recognize the setup for a wild ride; this novel delivers it times four. The trail leads to Iceland, letting Petrie display his gift for vivid, visceral prose.” – Booklist

“If you haven’t met unstoppable vigilante Peter Ash yet, The Wild One is an introduction you won’t forget. … With The Wild One, he succeeds in making Iceland feel like a character, mapping a landscape that’s as rugged, unforgiving, and authentic as the local delicacy, fermented shark. As Ash pursues his mission with a feral intensity that crackles and burns, we found ourselves struggling to put the book down and get anything done.” – Apple Books Review

“The ensuing adventure [includes] dramatic plot twists and swerving storylines that climax into a stunning crescendo, marking The Wild One as the most explosive and well-written adventure in a must-read series that debuted in 2016 with The Drifter”.  – The Shepherd Express

“This novel is a must for your TBR pile.”  – Lima Charlie Review