8 thoughts on “The Drifter mass market

  1. Good read would have enjoyed it more if printer had included pages 151 thru 182 hopefully next one will be complete.

    1. Gary, Holy mackerel. So sorry to hear this and thanks for letting me know. Please find me on Facebook or Twitter and send me your address via private message and I’ll send you an actual complete book – a signed copy. – Nick

  2. Wow! What a great first book!! I just finished it and see that you have written a few more. Will have to catch up. My friend and I trade books so you will have two more fans in your corner. Great Work, Thanks

    1. Thanks for reading, so glad you liked it! I’m less active here, but feel free to find me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram to keep up with new developments, new books and stories, etc. My fourth book, TEAR IT DOWN, comes out January 15. – Nick

  3. Teaching The Drifter in my Mystery and Detective Fiction course with a group of apprentice electricians in a Labor Studies program. They are really eating the book up! Such a great way to finish out a semester with a contemporary novel. I have not yet read your other books, but I’m looking forward to doing that soon. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for reaching out – glad you and your students like the book! Please tell your students I swung a hammer for many years and have pulled my share of Romex, too.

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