Burning Bright Reviews

Entertainment Weekly‘s “Must List” — January 13, 2017

iBooks pick for “Best Books of January 2017”

Burning Bright solidifies Petrie’s place among the best thriller writers working today. Petrie gives us characters we love, warts and all, and there is a true sense of forward propulsion to his action-packed tale. Peter Ash is a hero for today and Burning Bright puts Petrie in the company of Lee Child and Robert Ludlum.”—Indie Next Great Reads, the American bookseller’s Association.  Review written by William Carl, Wellesley Books, Wellesley, MAI

“Readers can expect some good twists on the way to a hair-raising finish.  Another fine thriller in what’s shaping up to be a hall of a series.”—Kirkus (Starred Review, reserved for “Books of Exceptional Merit”)

“This sequel to The Drifter (2016) continues to note the plight of veterans returning from war as it highlights the perils of advances in artificial intelligence. But most of all it’s a suspenseful high-tech ride, complete with a steadily mounting body count and a compelling protagonist.” —Booklist (Starred Review)

“A top-notch series of thrillers marked by a considerable sympathy for veterans.  Peter [Ash] may be a technophobe, but the drones and artificial intelligence devices he encounters are state of the art — and very scary.  But then, so is he.  Aficionados of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher will enjoy getting to know this new action hero.” —Library Journal

“In this second novel in the Peter Ash series, Petrie cements himself as a must-read thriller writer and a sure bet for those readers…who desire an action-packed, suspenseful read.”—Pop Goes Fiction

“Petrie’s hero Peter Ash is a damaged character, yet restless and capable…his new endeavor in Burning Bright is indeed refreshing!”—Mystery Tribune

“For me, no crime-fiction character has ever measured up to Jack Reacher—until, that is, I met Peter Ash. . . . Petrie’s writing is smooth, almost melodic, and he’s very, very good at ratcheting up stomach-churning tension.”—Entertainment Weekly

“Reacher fans, especially those who have consumed all of Child’s novels and are thirsting for more, will find Peter Ash to be a more-than-capable substitute. The heroes are cut from the same cloth, and their adventures are action-packed from start to finish. . . . Petrie [is] a very talented writer to boot.”—Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“I loved every page of this adrenaline-fueled journey. In fact, a beginning chase scene in the redwoods is not only breathtaking, it’s also one of the most original action scenes I’ve read.”—Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

“I loved it. . . . This is an extreme thriller fueled with gallons of adrenaline, unrelenting action and dangerous characters.”—The Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“Captivating . . . There are just a few really, really excellent fictional heroes who stimulate the imagination enough to cause readers to stay up until dawn. Peter Ash is one of them.”—Lincoln Journal-Star

“The world of Peter Ash is a terrifying place, and it is expertly drawn by Nick Petrie. . . . A fast-paced thriller.”—The Washington Times

“In a sentence: all of the ‘this is the series to read when you are caught up with the Reacher novels’ hype is plenty justified. Peter Ash is a winning hero, and in this second book in the series, June Cassidy is an excellent counter-heroine, running from those who killed her mother and kidnapped her (she escapes in a really nifty opening sequence.) It’s about secrets and espionage and cyber-technology and being off the grid and I enjoyed it so much more than I expected to and now have to catch up with the first book (The Drifter) and read onwards.”—Sarah Weinman

“Following his first-class debut, The Drifter, Nick Petrie shows no signs of letting up on the action or character development. . . . The investigation is fraught with mercenary violence and heady computer technology, but the characters’ talents always feel righteously earned. Backed by a cadre of appealing secondary characters, Jane and Ash’s chase leads to a place they never expected and a satisfying conclusion worthy of the risks.”—Shelf Awareness 

“Kept me happily reading to the end. . . . The romance of two misfits who have finally found their missing piece, the humor and stalwart courage of the main characters, and their clever maneuvers will make this one a must-read.”—Raleigh News & Observer

“From start to finish, Burning Bright is a rollicking rollercoaster of an adventure. There’s never a dull moment, making this the sort of read you’ll speed through in one or two sittings—and it’s just the thing for those who like their badasses infinitely capable with more than a little bit of heart.”—CriminalElement.com

“… [T]he fast-paced, action-heavy follow-up to Nicholas Petrie’s debut novel, The Drifter…like [Jack] Reacher, [Peter] Ash is a hard-nosed, take-no-nonsense hero who prefers to shoot first and ask questions later…Petrie wastes no time or excess words as the first hundred pages rip by. Things calm down a bit in the middle as the book’s intrepid heroes attempt to solve the puzzle and explore their own feelings toward each other before ramping up again in an explosive finale.”—BookPage 

“Action-packed . . . [an] expansive and even upbeat novel.”—The Capitol Times